Author: Devina Agnesya

Have you ever questioned why all of social media platforms use English as their default language setting? Well, this major reality shows that English is an international language on social media. It means within the digital era, English is one of the essentials for the future of social media.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, the development of social media is inevitable. It’s known, the foremost famed social media platform is Facebook. However, throughout the pandemic, Tik Tok became a replacement development among the kids. On Tik Tok, there are heaps of inventive content that the younger generation is interested in. Besides that, sixty-six percent of the content on Tik Tok uses English. It means that by mastering English, we are able to understand numerous topics. For instance, the topics of content employed in English might embody education, economics, and politics.

Furthermore, we are going to be able to get data regarding education and be updated on education topics easily. Social media will be a superb platform to boost our English competence. There are square measure heaps of educational accounts that can be visited on social media. For example, on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, WhatsApp, and Telegram you can create a world English learning community. There are 1000+ English learning communities around the world. It means you’ll conjointly learn English by increasing connections with folks around the world through social media. So, you can create many ways in which you’ll improve your English through social media.

Meanwhile, English mastery can give us a huge benefit in understanding national and global economic conditions. In the digital era, of course, the economy is also involved in technological progress. Through digital platforms, we can get information about economic developments. The information also uses English because it is the global language. For example, we can gain some insights from information that provides data or methods to increase the value of products, services, or interactions with other parties. In addition, increasing the intensity of interaction or communication on social media can result in lucrative advantages in the digital economy. Building an online business is easier to be done than building a conservative one. We can make your business account on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or WhatsApp. Moreover, by using English as the main language for communication, we can reach wider customers and increase the profit. We can use social media to promote our products and also communicate with customers in English. With English, we can attract customers from all over the world to see, even buy products offered on social media. For product payment systems, there are also some digital payment systems that can be used. Based on some research on digital payment system reviews, the best digital wallets in 2021 are cash app, google wallet, android pay, Samsung pay, Paypal, Venmo, Ali pay, Walmart pay, Dwolla, and Vodafone M-Pesa.

Moreover in the digital economy era, apart from payment system information and online business, another advantage we can get by mastering English is gaining facts about world economic conditions. As we know that during the covid-19 pandemic the economic sector was heavily impacted. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a world economic crisis, not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. Some palpable examples show that some rich countries have suffered pending economic development, for instance, the United States economy experienced a decline of 3.5%, the British economy 9.9%, the German economy 5%, the Italian economy 8.9%, the French economy 8.2%. Not only the western countries, but most of the southeast countries also experienced kindred economic conditions, such as the Singapore economy suffered a depreciation of 5 .4%, the Malaysian economy minus 5.6%, the Thailand economy minus 6.1%, the Philippine economy 9.5%, and the Indonesian economy 2.07%. It was only Vietnam that grew positively by 2.91% in 2020. The impact is also seen from Asian Development Bank’s (ADB’s) calculations that revealed the global economy suffered losses of US$77 billion to US$347 billion. Also there are more and more unemployement due to this covid-19 pandemic. In Particular, we must be able to prevent an economic crisis for our own important needs. But don’t worry, on the internet or social media there is a lot of information about financial education and also tips for managing it. With financial knowledge that has been obtained from the internet or social media, we can build our own small online business. We can build our own online business and attract all customers worldwide with our English skills and secure financial safety.

Another issue that can be digested by mastering English on social media is Politics. In addition to the economy, digital technology also has an effect on the political world. In globalization era, it is important to be able to understand political issues, political news, opinions of political figures, and government policies. The utilization of social media can be used as a means of communication, socialization, and also liaison with the community. Because English is a global language, the world political news that is spread on the internet also uses English. By understanding global political news, we can avoid misunderstandings or other conflicts. For instance, we can avoid believing information that is not true and misguiding that is scattered on the internet. Especially because there are young people around the world or known as Gen Z, who are already participating in politics. Statistically speaking, the dependence of Gen Z on social media is 93.9%. It means most of the political information that they gathered is from the internet. Since Gen Z is the future in politics, it is necessary to be wise and also able to think critically in order to manage information properly. As well as politeness in commenting on political matters on social media, using good language in commenting and not harming other parties are also one of the requirements to be pragmatic. In addition to understanding English in the world of politics, it is also necessary to speak English properly and correctly.

All in all, English could be a dominant language on social media. In the digital world, English is everywhere. And to gather the crucial and comprehensive knowledge from the social media as your community platform, it depends on our will to learn and speak English for our future. So, let’s study English!

I am a young generation who cares about literacy! This article was written as part of the 2021 EF Literacy Day Competition:

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