Author: Amelia Hari Fauziah

Many people will contend the same opinion as mine regarding English is critical to either individual’s success or national prosperity. Which one do you prefer? I, personally, would be elated to say to those who read this right now, and you might need to hear this; Why does someone as good as you have to choose only one choice when you have the liberty to have it all? This is where society frequently makes and inculcates a mistaken stereotype amongst another mankind surround them without even realizing the adverse impacts it brings. They say that learning English is not going to lift your life, and they simply consider this activity a waste of time. Do you want to hear a bittersweet truth? Well, here it goes…Not knowing and not even having any understanding about this widely spoken language which is English is a mistake. No. Make it a blunder! Based on substantiations that have been proved at which have made many believe that the English language is the finest type of vehicle for prompt national progression. I should mention that it can’t just magically transform one place with a single brief action, instead, using English as a daily lifestyle and perceived it as one of the most important tools among other vital matters a place might have is a must.

Aforementioned, learning English for a plethora of individuals may sound impractical because they perhaps have experienced it themselves and found it dull for some particular reasons. Sadly, the same issue has been ensuing in my town, whereupon I’ve been living in my whole life where most of the citizens here are not acknowledging that the more they try to neglect the importance of English, the more they would likely to miss out a myriad pivotal of information that undoubtedly will enhance the likelihood of them being superior. You might sensate the perplexion yet intriguing sensation because of these complicated sentences, thus, the most modest definition I could tell is if you don’t learn English in this modern world, then you have much bigger probabilities to stay where you are right now, without any increment, and worse, left behind!

So, if I go back discussing what does English affect firstly between personal’s success or my beloved city development which is where honestly I had expected that it would have changed both aspects at the same time before the reality appeared to break my belief and this time I would like to opine and you definitely must think deeply about this;

How could my town or yours undergo an advancement if its folks are not even being a support system in the very first place?

Of course it is impossible!

It is not something like your town could well-functioned by itself…That would be creepy!

As much as I believe like everyone else does, wherever the place is located, it has to be having abundant resources, otherwise, it could not be called a town, right? And as far as I’m cognizant concerned regarding the environment around me that offers immense potentials to be advanced town and could be beneficial for lots of people from outside my city, it doesn’t halt me wondering why we are still facing a deficiency in many cases? We often find it troublesome to compete with others for educational matters, we ought to strive arduously for employability, and the percentages of economic gap inside our society are just overwhelmed. These problems seem to erase all the good things at which my town has and even make the potencies for bringing the place I’ve lived to perform supremacy amongst 34 provinces in Indonesia be viewed as nothing. Indeed being a town fulfilled with sufficient resources in goods is blissful, but it is never enough to make a town becomes extraordinary! Hence, paying more attention to the quality of society is the most appropriate first step that should be taken.


Then comes the question, How?!?!

And here goes the answer, Use English and everything is going to be much better!

Eventually everyone jumps to conclusion, Why is this so?

It is an undebatable topic that the English language has plentiful valuable cognitions in our life and it can be concluded that as a member of a city, if its population had decent lore regarding how to well-managed the utility of English since it is the prevalent language around the world, then they will have the passport to go and be globally competent! Nevertheless, the resident in my hometown appears to be not aware of this acute thing. They tend to create such an astonishing town like Tokyo or simply an advanced capital city no other than Jakarta, but they have always been forgetting the fundamental point since most of them are just possessing a minor understanding of English which is the most notable key feature to actualize that regard. I didn’t say anything that said it is impossible for us to reach that purpose, still, without English, it takes longer times and with the globalization that is now evolving prompter day by day, it finally is a concrete waste of time!

Therefore, as the urgency comes within, we need to make a specific alteration so the masses, especially youngsters, could notice the jeopardy occurrences would happen if they overlook the role of English in both their life and their city’s condition. The methods remain a mystery in light of the fact that we cannot coerce others deciding, although there are few attempts that could and should be done without any hesitation. Firstly, believe it or not, it has always been a motivation that lurks behind every success. By that what I mean is studying English should be based on motivation to make it way easier, whether an intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation, both are as necessary and still have a correlation with each other!

No one could dispute the argument of how complicated motivating someone is! Are you being at cross purpose regarding this? Well, honey, come to any developing city like mine and see what’s on my plate! I have seen a number of teachers were trying to impetus their students to learn English right awayUgh, I felt so horrible for the students! As you can guess, the teachers failed to do that specific task! What were they or maybe you expecting? That they would have adhered to what they were told to do without any complaint?

Uhm, sorry, Sir, and, Madam…But, they are not a robot!

One thing I could assert here, and please consider it as my sincere and wisest counsel; You cannot expect anyone to run into something new which they barely even know, otherwise they would believe that the things they are doing are pointless! Thus, the authority should know exactly how to convey the literal signification of English, it will be more credible for them since their students are then already well-interpreting the why, what, and how regarding the English language contextual. After they possess an intrinsic motivation that makes them want to engage in learning the language even more, basically succeeding in assigning a goal in the students’ mind, it will only be becoming trouble-free for teachers to consolidate the English language in school activities. However, there are still few individuals who don’t even own any motivation, whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Do not judge them!

Honestly, I’ve been in that position! And from there on, the role of teacher’s methods of teaching and parents’ influences are the most essential matter in someone’s learning journey!


Parents play such a vital role to build a steady and decent mindset for their offspring so that it should not be disregard by any parents out there in this beautiful world. If you are currently a parent, well, Mom and Dad, you guys really need to read this until the very last sentence! You must discover the most suitable way to assist your children in gaining confidence not just in mandatory school subjects such as Mathematics and Biology, but as well as in English which has now be seen as compulsory in today’s time! Don’t worry if you don’t speak English as fluent as one of your favorite western’s actors, it is the last thing you have to be worried about because you could also learn English together and that’s only making studying English sounds more than just fun! Throughout your practice days with your kiddos, don’t averse to give them lots of compliments and feel free to provide them rewards for attempting to speak in English, especially when they succeed in solving any concern about English problems because by doing so, you will constantly push your children to do less grammatical errors. It is highly recommended to know precisely how to handle a situation where your children make a mistake since most parents, especially in my hometown, are kind of strict and don’t want their children undergoing a wrong decision.

Perfection, sometimes, doesn’t always mean flawless.

Instead, encourage them to make mistakes in order to learn from them and finally crafting the exact value of success through a failure and introduce them to a circumstance when they need to take risks. The percentage of town’s literacy based on English books resource is also crucial to increase town’s affluence! Then again, parents still have an enormous role in this certain duty. As a parent, aside from embedding a special habit such as thrust your child to speak in English as frequently as possible, you also need to persuade them to horn other skills in English by taking their interest into consideration. While learning English, you can take a huge part in rising your city’s literacy rates up significantly, in order to attain this purpose, you need to supply your child or simply to those who need the facility of sophisticated books. As the result, they will be having opportunities to acknowledge complex vocabulary and bettering their writing aptitude.

Ever heard about a jargon which said, “Healthy Inside, Fresh Outside!?

Figuratively, anyway.

While parents are focused on constructing the inner motivation for their children, learners are still requiring another booster setup! In other words, they need the support backups from outside their parents’ involvement! In this case, teachers take a lead for providing the most corresponding necessity for their students to make them stick with their first intention in which they determined to learn English and more importantly, to append a novelty so the English scholar could be more dedicating themselves in English learning and won’t be finding any monotonous moment during their study period. In my hometown, it is tangible from wide aspects such as reviews, outgrowths, and student’s experiences that there are still many educational institutions by which performing a traditional mechanism type of learning process that is only eventually creating a tiresome activity directs to hinder study progress and make their students prone to be deprived of their intrinsic motivation has been inculcated in their mindset. Thus, the statement of shifting the teaching methodology is, indeed, should be noted.

Fundamentally, the second huge essential factor that takes part in controlling someone’s English learning to be a success is the environmental condition. It is not an odd affair any longer that there is a dire need of training teachers to be more competent due to the fact that schools I’d attended for my foregoing education were super boring in its English subject. Meanwhile, I’ve found some settlements that need to be proved and applied as it is the fixed way to surmount the restricted class activity.

Thrust students to be active, not to be the number one!


Making class’s situation becoming communicative sounds like a straightforward assignment, but the reality hits different, and believe me, a teacher usually confuses regarding how to make chemistry during the class! Based on my experience and my friend’s opinion at which I’ve interviewed, group activity absolutely a good start. If you are a teacher, you should not be expecting your students to answer every single question about grammatical rules you’ve written down on the whiteboard. That is literally spooky! Give them a sheet of a questionnaire in English and order them to complete it through a group discussion instead! Students are inclined to be more comfortable with their fellow-peers, therefore it is advised for you to give them simple yet vivid instruction and see how each team builds up a constant effective way to speak English without any reluctant because; The less you talk, then the more your students will be talking!

Sprinkle some globalization effects! Digital study perfectly fits for this field!



Mainly, most teachers are not in agreement with the idea of students having a good time throughout the class hours since they contend it will delay and distract their students’ study process, though the fact is if children enjoyed their time while learning, they will be more engaged in that specific action! Make your class activity more fun by using social media such as OmeTV International, Instagram, or Facebook where your students can have a terrific interaction with some other English learners coming overseas just through a smartphone and as consequences, you will be not only implementing the practical use of English to your students but also bringing something students could do for fun!  Don’t think that this is a tough mission! One thing you really ought to keep in mind, none of us are now living in an era where people around us are not having any idea what a cellphone is and how to take leverage of it properly!

Without any understanding of the English language, the epithet of being one of the well-known cities in Indonesia is never held by my city in spite that we have astonishing places of interest or mesmerizing cultural heritages, and until then we would always remain isolated from the world’s sight. That nightmare can be mitigated effectively if only the citizens notice their entanglement in the city’s development by improving and repairing the English teaching and learning system in public as the primary factor because, with English, an ordinary hometown can undertake various universal experiences such as trade town-made appliances to other countries or simply capable to administer a traditional wealth exhibition on a global scale which both of them are only leading to the city’s earning increment.

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